Industrial dispute definition and elements

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Industrial dispute definition and elements:


Modern industrialization is not uncommonly beneficial. In a capitalist economy, two classes are born with industry, namely, the owner and the working class. Conflicts and disputes have been going on between the two since time immemorial. Even today, workers want more wages and more privileges, and the employer or managerial class is always trying to pay as little as possible. This is why there is a conflict between the workers and the employers, the extreme manifestation of which is the strike, slow motion, lockout, etc.

Definition of industrial dispute:

In the general sense, the conflict between the workers and the owners in the industry is called an Industrial dispute.

In the broadest sense, the conflict between employers and workers, between workers and workers, between management and the trade union in economic, social, political, and managerial matters is called industrial dispute.

Elements of industrial dispute:


A strike is a short-term or temporary suspension of a group of workers. It is the latest and foremost weapon of the workers in fulfilling special demands and other conditions. Employees refuse to work until the claim is settled or an agreement is reached with the employer. In this way, the workers force the employer to meet their demands. In the above discussion, all the elements of the strike are found below.

A) It is a temporary termination of work of the employees.

B) The cessation of this action is observed to accomplish a special purpose. The workers called off the strike based on meeting the demands or reaching an agreement with the management.


The employer declares a lockout in the face of labor disputes. This is a very strong tool in the hands of the owners against the workers. In this system, the employer does not allow the workers to enter the factory or allow them to work due to labor disputes. Through this, the managements force the workers to accept special conditions. Locking is continued until there is a dispute or agreement with the workers.


Picketing is a way to make a strike successful or to stop others from working. In this way, some workers would gather at the factory gates, display placards, and carry out propaganda campaigns to inform others about their demands or strikes. This draws the public’s attention to the strike on the one hand and prevents the workers from going to work on the other, as the workers who are eager to go to work do not have the courage or desire to cross the picketing line.


Industrial dispute definition and elements. There has been a kind of strike called Surrounded to demand justice. In this, the employees surround the office of the employer or the board of directors and block them till the demand is met. Even at this point, the employer is prevented from eating or drinking, or moving around in any way.

Go slow:

In this way, the workers become motivated in an organized manner and slow down the pace of work. In this, the workers also work by contributing to the work. But deliberately slowing down the work of realizing the claim.

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