Importance of Soap & Detergents in wet processing

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The importance of soap:

Importance of Soap & Detergents in wet processing. Soap is a very valuable commodity in a civilized society. The progress of civilization can be verified by the use of soap. People have been using soap for ages. Soap is an essential substance in daily life. People’s taste is not revealed without soap. Soap is used for many purposes in practical life. The use of soap as a process and as a cleaning product in various industries is unique.

 Soap is used for various purposes in the textile wet processing industry. E.g.

1. The use of soap as a wetting agent reduces the surface tension of the solution during the scouring process so that chemicals can easily enter the product. In other words, soap helps alkali to remove oily substances from textile liquids.

2. Alkali and textile products for soap can come in close contact and can easily remove oils and fats.

3. Soap acts as an emulsifying agent and removes mineral oils and wax and other wastes from textile products.

4. Soap acts as a detergent in the scouring solution and maintains the pH of the scouring solution as a buffer solution.


The Importance of detergent:

When oil or waxed textile product is immersed in a detergent or soap solution, it is seen that the oils and waxes slowly come together and eventually take on a melted shape. For this reason, it is easy to separate oil and wax from textile products. In addition to cleaning detergent waste, all the dirt that is removed during scouring prevents it from re-accumulating on the surface of the textile product. The nature of the detergent and its efficiency is affected by the nature of the product to be removed. Matt, the importance of detergent is as follows

1. Aqueous solution of detergent is used to wet the surface of textile products.

2. Detergents are used to remove oil, wax, and dust from textile products.

3. To create a permanent emulsion requires a vat agent that does not re-accumulate.

Properties of Soap & Detergents:

Importance of Soap & Detergents in wet processing-Properties of Soap:

1. Soap dissolves very slowly in cold water and very quickly in hot water.

2. Soap molecules are ionized in a very thin solution.

3. It dissolves in organic solvents like acetone, ether, and petroleum.

4. Soap breaks down into inorganic acids and produces free fatty acids.

5. Soap dissolves in hot alcohol.

6. An important goal of soap preparation is the selection of its fat or blended fat which gives the soap its intended purpose. Appropriate for as well as its required structural Consistency, Solubility, and FoamDonates production capacity.

Importance of Soap & Detergents in wet processing-Properties of Detergent:

The properties of detergent are as follows

1. Detergent reduces water surface tension.

2. The surface of the solid is constantly moistened by the detergent solution.

3. The solution or water enters the pores of the material.

4. Grease emulsifies fatty substances.

5. Removes grease from the surface of solids.

6. Detergents are also needed to remove oils, fats, and wax.

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