Importance and classification of textile design

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Importance and classification of textile design:


All the fiction of the human mind is revealed through language. It can be realized more beautifully through design. That is why drawing is called the language of art. In the modern era, the real structure of everything useful in life is revealed by the artist through his designs. Different designs are drawn on paper, wood, with paint, brush, pencil, pen, etc. And as a result, various events and natural or artificial scenes appear in front of people.

Moreover, there is a constant need for designs for sculptures, books, newspapers, packaging of various products, and boxes. A well-planned design is needed to make buildings, houses, factories, and factories beautifully perfect in size. Moreover, for the installation of large machines, their side image, and top image design are required.

Textile Design

Importance of textile design in textile industries:

Importance and classification of textile design. In the textile industry, there is a need for various types of colorful designs to make garments attractive to the consumer. The importance of design in the textile world is discussed below:

1. Some design is required to make clothes.

2. Textile designs are needed to embellish the clothes.

3. To brighten up an ornamented object.

4. Also useful for any normal photo.

5. To produce color effects.

6. To make clothes bright and beautiful.

7. To make clothes attractive.

8. To increase the strength of the fabric, it is necessary to weave different designs of fabric.

Classification of textile design:

Design can be divided into two parts, i.e.

1. Artistic Design.

2. Textile Design.

1. Artistic design:

All the designs that are drawn with the help of color and pencil by free hand or according to any specific rules are called artistic designs. Buildings, machines, or any interesting design can be drawn in this way. Printing design is also called artistic design.

2. Textile design:

Designs created by weaving and weaving yarns at right angles to the fabric are called textile designs. Designs made for printing are also included in textile design.

Textile design is again of two types i.e.

(a) Structural Design.

(b) Decorative Design.

Structural design is again of two types i.e.

(A) Simple Structural Design.

(B) Compound Structural Design.

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