Huckaback weave definition features structure uses

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Huckaback weave definition features structure uses:

Definition of huckaback weave:

Based on the plain design, the weave that is made with the help of some warp floating yarns on the surface of the fabric to look like a snake shell is called a huckaback weave. It is based on a simple weave. Its water absorption capacity is high.

Huckaback weave definition features structure uses-Features of huckaback weave:

1. The surface of the huckaback cloth is not smooth.

2. Huckaback fabric is made with a number of float yarns based on the plain weave.

3. This fabric is relatively strong but has a high water absorption capacity.

4. Its repeat size is twice the odd number, such as (10 x 10), (14 x 10), (18 x 18), etc.

5. Smallest design (10 x 10).

6. It is a honeycomb fabric. But it is founded on a plain weave and looks more like a snake’s shell.

7. Extra yarn float i.e. loose yarn leads to higher water absorption capacity.

Huckaback Fabric

Huckaback weave definition features structure uses-Structure of huckaback weave:

1. First, mark the double repeat size of the odd number of yarns and divide it into four equal parts.

2. Then draw a plain weave on opposite two corners. A motif is to be drawn in the remaining two corners, which participates in proper bracketing with the plain weave.

3. Drafting should generally be done with an odd number of yarns through the front two loops and an even number of yarns through the back two loops.

4. This is how huckaback design should be drawn.

Uses of huckaback weave:

1. Huckaback cloth is used for making hand towels, bathroom towels, roller towels, etc. for its high water absorption capacity.

2. Fabrics made using relatively fine yarns are used for making dresses, tablecloths, etc.

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