Honeycomb weave definition classification features

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Honeycomb weave definition classification features:

Definition of honeycomb:

Honeycomb’s core weave is diamond-shaped. Just as bees make small cells for their nests, the yarn drawn and laid in this weave participates in a special bracket to create a honeycomb-like structure on the surface of the fabric. This weave is called honeycomb weave as it is made up of numerous cells. Its surface is quite uneven and its absorption and retention capacity are high. It is also called cellular weave as it is made through several holes and a special type of framework. https://bdfabric.com/wadded-double-cloth-definition-purposes-feature-structure/

Definition of Brighton honeycomb:

Honeycomb weave definition classification features. A design made of an equal number of warp and weft yarns in each repeat, which creates a number of honeycomb cells on the surface of the cloth, is called Brighton honeycomb. Brighton honeycomb is a complex type of fabric. Both sides of this fabric look the same. Brighton Honeycomb weave is somewhat like a diamond. It usually starts with single diagonal and double diagonal lines crossing the design. The whole design consists of 2 large and 2 small clear design cells separated by diagonal lines. https://bdfabric.com/extra-warp-design-definition-features-and-structure/

Honeycomb Fabric

Classification of honeycomb weave:

Based on the structure of these weaves can be mainly divided into 2 types

(a) Ordinary honeycomb.

(b) Brighton honeycomb.

Features of honeycomb:

1. Its weave depends on the diamond.

2. In repeats, the number of drawn and weft yarns can be both equal and unequal.

3. The smallest design is (6 x 4), and the repeat is always a multiple of 2.

4. Interlacings are plain.

5. A similar effect is created on both sides of the fabric.

6. The surface of the cloth is uneven.

7. One cell is formed in each repeat.

8. The water absorption capacity of this weave is very high.

9. Drafting is always V-Draft i.e. pointed draft.

Uses of honeycomb and Brighton honeycomb weave:

Honeycomb weave:

1. Widely used in hand towels, glass cloths, roller towels, bath mats, etc. due to high water holding capacity.

2. Used in making blankets, upholstery, etc.

3. Fabrics made from fine yarn are also used for making dresses.

Brighton honeycomb weave:

1. Used to make more decorative fabrics like – blankets and brocades.

2. Used as a hand towel, glass, and roller towel.

3. Crockery is also used as a towel.

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