Ginning’s fault and its remedy

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Today I will talk with you about Ginning’s fault and its remedy.

Ginning’s fault and its remedy-The following defects are found in the cotton fibers after ginning.

1. Cut fiber or gin cut

2. Knops

3. Crushed seeds.

Ginning Machine

1. Ginning’s fault and its remedy-Cut fiber or gin cut:

When ginning damp or wet cotton, some of the fibers are cut by the saw of the ginning machine. This cut fiber is called cut fiber or gin cut. It is also sometimes called broken fiber.

Ginning’s fault and its remedy-Causes of gin cut

(a) as a result of ginning wet seedlings.

(b) as a result of the excessive rotation of the saw.

(c) If the ginning machine is overloaded.


 (a) Cotton should not be collected in wet conditions. If the seedbed is wet, it should be dried.

 (b) The rotation of the saw must be controlled.

(c) The edge of the saw of the ginning machine should be kept properly.

2. Knops:

Knops is when the amount of moisture in the seedbed is not specified. Knops is difficult to remove if created.


(a) When ginning wet cotton

 (b) If the fiber is collected before it is cleaned.

(c) If the saw teeth of the machine are broken or crooked.

(d) If excess fiber is fed to the ginning machine.

(e) In case of excessively unequal length scales.


 (a) The moisture content of cotton should be fixed.

 (b) Fiber should be collected after maturation.

 (c) If the sawtooth is broken or crooked, it should be repaired.

 (d) Seedbed should be fed in controlled conditions.

 (e) Fibers of approximately equal length should be fed.

3. Broken seeds:

The seeds that are broken and mixed with the lint during ginning are called broken seeds.


 (a) Processing of immature seedlings.

 (b) Feeding extra seedbeds as required.

(c) In case of excessive pressure on the ginning machine knife.


 (a) Seedbeds should be collected in mature conditions.

 (b) Seedbeds should be fed in controlled conditions.

(c) No additional pressure may be exerted on the ginning machine.

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