General method of drawing design in textile products

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General method of drawing design in textile products:


To draw a design, there are certain rules to follow, that is, shape and composition, along with drawing distance, proportion, lighting, shading, and use of color. Their general discussion is given below.

1. General method of drawing design in textile products-Drawing with shape and structure:

To draw a picture of something, one must observe it well. Observation shows that all things in nature can be held in three forms. These three shapes are round shape, square shape, and triangular shape. One should start drawing the design slowly by determining which of these three shapes will be drawn.

2. General method of drawing design in textile products-Distance and ratio:

In any picture front and back distance and size are essential as well as position etc. A design should be drawn on the texture of textile cloth containing pictures of trees, leaves, fruits, and birds. In this case, the branch should be smaller than the tree, how small the leaf and flower will be according to the branch, or how small or big the bird is compared to the flower, you have to start the drawing. If there are many flowers in the picture, how far or near the front and back flowers and how far the far flower should be from the nearest flower should be drawn accurately. How much smaller the distant flower will be than the near flower is to be drawn correctly.

Design in Textile Product

3. Light and shade:

Shades are very important when painting any subject. If you look closely at the reflection of light and shadow, you can understand that the green color of a tree’s leaf is bright green in the sunlight, and the leaf of the tree will appear to be a different green in the shade. But the green will not lose its brightness.

4. In order of subject in the picture:

While drawing you have to keep in mind which part comes after which part. For example, while drawing a picture of a t-shirt, it should be noted that which part of the picture is suitable for the texture and which part is suitable for the border. Whichever is more suitable should be accepted.

5. Objective determination:

Drawing should be done keeping in mind the purpose of use. For example, a design drawn for a shirt can never match the design of pants.

6. General method of drawing design in textile products-Use of color:

Color should be set correctly after drawing. The color should be used where it will look good, and attractive. After painting a picture with powder, a kind of liquid has to be sprinkled very carefully on the picture for the permanence of the color. Otherwise, much of the color will fall off or stick to other objects when the picture is moved. That’s why painting with oil, pastel, and wax is very convenient and does not need to take other measures for permanence.

7. Oil paint:

Painting can also be done with oil paint. Painting with oil paints does not have any other problems for the durability of the picture. Painting with oil paint is called oil painting.

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