Function and features of jute roving spinning system

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Function and features of jute roving spinning system:


Since the yarn is made from the rove obtained from the roving frame, it is possible to produce very fine and high-quality yarn in this system. Count range 5 to 10 lbs. / spindle. The jute roving frame is similar to a jute drawing frame. But with a spindle flyer to provide a twist on the delivery part and a roving winding on the bobbin.

Roving frames are used for two purposes.

1 rove for yarn production.

2. for roving production before spinning.

So the delivered rove is produced depending on what will be used next. The twist is given at a fixed rate to produce thick yarn. But the twist is less provided by rove for the preparation of yarn. A twist is provided in the rove only to hold the fibers.

Function and features of jute roving spinning system-Features of jute roving frame:

The features of the roving frame are given below.

1. The rove spinning machine is a complete simplex machine without any changes.

2. The input material is collected from the sliver drawing frame.

3. Creel and separator are used in the feeding zone.

4. Paired feed rollers are used. One slip roller and two retaining rollers are used for sliver feeding.

5. The gill pin type drafting system is used in the drafting zone.

6. A maximum of 20 draft ranges is used. However, it is better to use 7 for rove yarn.

7. Raving flyers 80 to 100. 60 spindles for heavy yarn and 100 spindles for light yarn.

8. Flyer speed 400 to 600 R.P.M.

9. This machine uses the bobbin leading winding method.

10. Flyers made of steel are always used.

11. According to the simplex machine no dam-building mechanism is used.

12. 7 to 1 pound / 100 yards roving is produced.

13. Production at 56 to 80 spindle frames 300 to 400 lbs. / hr.

14. Machine efficiency – 70% to 80%.

15. Usually 10 “x 5” or 10 “x 8” size bobbins are used.

16. Packing density is about 28 pounds / cubic foot.

16. The rove Bobbin has a carrying capacity of 29 pounds.

The function of jute roving frame:

Jute roving frames have the following functions according to the cotton speed frame.

1. Creeling

2. Drafting

3. Twisting

4. Winding

5. Building

6. Doffing

7. Picing

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