Filament spinning method

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Filament spinning method. Long unbroken fibers are called filaments. Naturally, only silk fiber is available in the form of filaments. However, most synthetic fibers are first made in the form of filaments. It is possible to collect the filament in a dry, wet & mint method by extracting the condensate through jelly-like chemicals at high pressure through a very finely perforated nozzle.

Spinning method of making filament:

For making filament, The raw material chemical of the filament is first converted into a molten jelly-like substance and then subjected to a device called spin rate under extreme pressure and collected by various means such as wet, dry, and melted. The device by which a molten substance is converted into a filament under excessive pressure is called a spine. The method by which these synthetic filaments are made and collected is called the filament spinning method. It is not in accordance with the common short-staple or long-staple spinning method. The process of spinning yarn from natural fibers is commonly called spinning and the method of making synthetic fiber fibers i.e. spinning is different in that sense. Sometimes filament spinning is chemical. Also called spinning. Since filaments are made from different chemicals, such spinning is called chemical spinning.

There are 3 types of spinning methods for making filaments.

 1. Wet spinning

 2. Dry spinning

 3. Melt spinning

1. Filament spinning method-Wet spinning:

Wet spinning is the first method that has been used successfully in the production of man-made fibers or artificial fibers. This method was first used in the case of rayon fiber. This method is still being used.

The synthetic fiber polymer is first melted and taken in the form of dense viscose and pumped through a high-pressure spin rate. The polymer is thrown into a chemical bath as soon as it comes out in the form of a filament through the numerous pores of the spin rate, and the filaments harden as soon as they come in contact with the chemical in the bath.

Chemical baths are also called coagulated baths. The coagulating bath contains a mixture of different chemicals which harden as soon as the soft filament comes in contact with it.

2. Filament spinning method-Dry Spinning:

In this method, the required liquid is pumped out in excess pairs through a hole in the polymer/solution spin rate and then drawn through a hot air chamber instead of a chemical bath like wet spinning.

As a result, the soft filaments coming out of the spin rate are hardened by expelling water vapor as soon as it comes in contact with hot air. The filaments are then collected by twisting and winding. In the case of staple fiber, it is collected by cutting it into pieces according to the required length.

3. Melt spinning:

Melt spinning is the latest and third method of preparing synthetic fiber. In this method, the chips or polymers are melted and pumped out through a hole in the spin rate, and the filaments are collected as before by cold through the air chamber.

This method is a direct process and has the lowest cost. It does not require any solvent or concentrate in the bath.

In addition to the above spinning methods, some other spinning methods are being used in a modern way, such as bicomponent spinning, biconcount spinning, flim splitting, etc.

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