Faults of ring spinning yarn

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Faults of ring spinning yarn:


It is normal to have defects in the yarn, it is not possible to make yarn without defects, but it is not desirable to have excessive defects in the yarn. This is because the quality of the yarn is poor due to additional errors. The price or demand of yarn decreases and the fabric made from that yarn is not of good quality. Defective yarns cause various problems during the subsequent processing of the fabric produced. Manufactured by defective yarn. Dyeing and printing of fabric cause shade variation. Therefore, the yarn produced will be of good quality with proper raw material, a balanced process, and strict supervision during production. https://bdfabric.com/the-reason-for-yarn-drop-in-ring-frame/

Ring Frame

The following are all the faults that can be noticed in the yarn: https://bdfabric.com/roller-clearer-of-ring-spinning-machine/

  1. Irregular or uneven yarn

2. Thick & thin places

3. Slub

4. Within bobbin count variation

5. Between bobbin count variation

6. Nepped yarn

7. Crackers in the yarn

8. End breaks in ring spinning

9. High yarn hairiness

10. Corkscrew yarn

11. Spinners double

12. Bad piecing

13. Soft yarn

14. Rough yarn

15. Hard & non-elastic yarn

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