Factors affecting winding quality and production

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Factors affecting winding quality and production:

Winding production and quality depend on the following factors.

1. Yarn count

2. Yarn quality

3. Speed ​​of drum or spindle

4. Relative humidity

5. Efficiency of labor

6. Maintenance & Overhauling

7. Tensioning & traversing device

1. Yarn count:

Winding production and quality depend on the yarn count. If the yarn count is light, the strength of a single yarn will be less, and winding production will be less. It will take more time to create a package. https://bdfabric.com/different-types-of-yarn-winding-machines/

2. Yarn quality:

The better the quality of yarn, the better the winding efficiency as well as the increase in production. The yarn release rate will be lower. The yarn package will be standard. https://bdfabric.com/yarn-conditioning-system-in-textile-spinning/

Yarn Winding Machine

3. Speed ​​of drum or spindle:

If the speed of the spindle or drum is high, the production will increase. However, if the production is too high, the quality of the yarn package may deteriorate. https://bdfabric.com/advantages-of-yarn-conditioning/

4. Relative humidity:

In the case of cotton, the higher the moisture, the higher the strength. But overheating reduces the strength of the yarn. If the yarn is spun repeatedly, the production will be less. If the humidity is low the yarn will be hairy and the quality will be bad.

5. Efficiency of labor:

If the skills of the workers are good, the production will increase, the yarn will be better and the quality of yarn will be better.

6. Maintenance & Overhauling:

If you want to get good results from the machine, you should open the main parts and clean, welding and greasing. Then good production and package quality will also be good.

7. Tensioning & traversing device:

Factors affecting winding quality and production. If the tensioning and traversing device of the winding machine is good and working, the quality of the yarn will be good, because the defects will be eliminated. However, if the machine is stopped repeatedly to eliminate the error, the production will decrease.

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