Fabric Cutting in garment industry

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Today I will talk to you about Fabric Cutting in the garment industry

Fabric Cutting in garment industry Introduction:

An important step before sewing is to prepare the fabric. It starts with grading numbering, labeling, pattern matching, marking pockets, bundling, spreading, etc., and ends with sending the fabric to the sewing section. The fabric is laid out in layers on the spreading table to create a suitable lay and many pieces of fabric are cut together. After the layer is made a marker is set on the lay on a paper cloth and the design is made. Markers according to the design are drawn on the paper and the fabric must be cut by a cutting knife or machine.

Definition of fabric cutting:

In the garment industry, fabric cutting is the process of making a part of a garment by cutting the fabric accurately, delicately, and neatly according to the pattern of the garment in the marker from the lay or spread of the cloth placed on the cutting table. In this case, hundreds of pieces of cloth can be cut in a short time according to the specified pattern. The work of cutting cloth is very important in the garment industry because if there is a slight mistake in cutting, it is very difficult to correct it. Many times this mistake may not be editable. The quality of the fabric must be beautiful and perfect and needs a skilled cutting master to cut the clothes.

Cutting Table

Fabric Cutting in garment industry Fabric preparation:

Fabric preparation means all kinds of activities before sewing clothes such as grading, numbering, labeling, pattern matching, marking pockets, bundling and spreading, etc. Lay is made by arranging the fabric in layers on the cutting table. In this way, a large number of layers of cloth are arranged on the table to create a lay. After making the layout of the cloth, the marker on the cloth on the bed is the paper bed. Later it is marked with the pattern of the dress. The fabric is then cut according to the pattern by the cutting machine. Later the cloth is sent to the sewing section.

The factors of fabric preparation

1. What kind of cloth is used.

2. Whether there is Shade Variation in the fabric.

3. Stripe or check weave.

4. Whether the fabric construction is the same.

5. Whether the raw material of the cloth is the same.

6. Whether the thickness of the fabric is the same.

7. Is fabric width OK.

8. Depending on what type of machine the fabric spreading will be done by.

9. Whether the fabric has the same Selvedge.

10. The fabric weave should be on the same plane.

11. The weaving should be smooth and clean.

12. The plain design on the texture of the fabric should be smooth.

13. The edges should be the same on both sides.

14. The yarn count on the fabric should be the same.

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