Extra warp design definition features and structure

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Extra warp design definition features and structure:


Usually, the original design consists of two sets of threads. One set is warp yarn and the other set is weft yarn. But, in some cases, an additional set of warp yarns or weft yarns are added to the main texture of the original design to create various patterns on the fabric. To embellish the fabric, the original design and structure of the fabric are maintained by a separate set of warp yarn or weft yarn to create a beautiful pattern and enhance the beauty of the fabric. This method is usually a design made up of extra threads, which is called ‘figuring with extra threads. https://bdfabric.com/the-method-of-improving-achievement-motivation/

This method is generally of two types.

(a) Extra warp design.

(b) Extra weft design.

And in some cases, there may be extra warp yarn and extra weft yarn in the same fabric. All these designs are called “Both extra warp and weft design”.

Definition of extra warp design:

2 sets of original design threads along with 1 additional set of warp threads are used for fabric embellishment. This extra warp yarn is called extra warp yarn and the extra warp yarn along with the original design which creates the decorative design is called extra warp design.

Extra warp design definition features and structure. An extra warp design consists of 2 sets of warp yarns and one set of weft yarns. One set of warp yarn is called the ground warp and the other set is called extra warp yarn.

Extra Warp Design Fabric

Features of extra warp design:

1. The extra warp design consists of 2 sets of warp yarns – one ground warp and the other extra warp.

2. Weft 1 set of yarn used.

3. 2 sets of warp yarns are woven into 2 beams.

4. Since the fabric is embellished by the extra warp, the extra warp is looser than the ground warp.

5. Divided draft is used to facilitate fabric weaving. The ground warp is inserted in the first warp and the extra warp yarn is inserted in the last warp.

6. The texture of the fabric is usually plain weave.

7. Ground warp and extra warp yarns can be arranged differently in the fabric.

Structure of extra warp design:

1. A motif or spot for the design created by the extra warp in the fabric must first be drawn on graph paper.

2. To form an extra warp design the repeat size of the design must be specified based on the number of yarns and spots per unit length.

3. If the arrangement of ground warp and extra warp is 141, then the size of the repeat will be twice the number of drawn yarns used on the spot. And the number of weft yarns will be equal to the number of weft yarns on the spot.

4. After identifying the repeat, the extra warp and ground warp should be marked on graph paper. Ground picks will participate in brackets with both ground warp and extra warp.

5. Then the plain design should be drawn by ground warp and ground weft specifying the spot. It should be kept so that the drawn thread of the spot remains floating as much as it is floating.

6. Thus the whole repetition of the design is completed.

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