Employment and human resource development

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Employment and human resource development:


The most important component of any organization, be it small or large production-oriented or service-oriented, business or non-business is the people or the employees. To achieve the pre-determined objectives of the company or organization, the management has to take steps to appoint staff officers to the various positions displayed in the organization structure as soon as a suitable organization structure is established. And this work is done through employment. https://bdfabric.com/disadvantages-of-personnel-management-in-bangladesh/

Employment and human resource development-Definition of employment:

In the general sense, the process by which an organization strives to achieve organizational goals by mobilizing human resources and using them efficiently is called employment.

In the broadest sense, employment is the process of selecting the appropriate staff according to the number of employees required at different levels of the organization, selecting the required staff, and taking necessary action for their proper utilization. It covers all personnel management. https://bdfabric.com/personnel-management-and-human-relations/

Importance and necessity of employment:

One of the tasks of management is to provide staff according to the needs of the organization. The main task of employment is to plan the human resources according to the needs of the organization. Below is a description of the importance and necessity of employment from different perspectives

1. Desirable use of manpower:

Appropriate and desirable use of manpower at all levels of the organization can be ensured through employment. As a result, skilled and experienced staff is formed in the organization and it is easy to achieve success.

2. Staff evaluation and skill enhancement:

Employment also plays a very important role in evaluating and enhancing the skills of the employees in the organization. Because in this process the necessary training and development are arranged by evaluating the performance of the employees and verifying and determining theirs.

3. Effective use of other resources:

Employment ensures desirable and proper use of inhumane resources of the organization such as capital, machinery, raw materials, etc., because proper productivity is possible only with efficient human resources by preventing proper use of these resources.

4. Employment and human resource development-Maintain mobility in management:

Employment also plays a very effective role in the smooth execution of all the managerial functions of the organization such as planning, organization, direction, coordination, and control work.

5. To achieve the goal:

The more organization that can properly employ, the easier it is to achieve the goals of the organization. As a result, employment is very important in achieving the goals of the organization.

6. To increase the efficiency of the organization:

In today’s competitively competitive free market system, the employment process is particularly helpful in managing efficiency efficiently. In other words, employment has a huge role to play in the continuous management of management functions.

In conclusion, the healthy and orderly work environment and success of the organization depend entirely on its successful application, even if it is one of the tasks of employment management.

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