Dyeing of jute fabric with basic dye

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Dyeing of jute fabric with basic dye:


Dye →   2% on the weight of material

Acetic acid → 1-3%

 M: L → 1:30

Temperature → 800C-1000C

Time →   1 Hour

Dyeing of jute fabric with basic dye-Dyeing method:

Jute has a direct affinity for basic dye. This is why it does not need Mordant when doing jute fiber dye. So the first mentioned recipe for Dyeing Jute FiberAccording to dye solution is made. Now Dye solution is heated with a Dye bath. After heating for a while, the product is added to the dye bath. It is noticed that the product is not on over the Dye solution. https://bdfabric.com/basic-dyes-definition-properties-in-textile/

In this way, the temperature is gradually increased. And when the temperature reaches 900C the heat application is stopped. In this case, the material is left for quite some time. This method of dyeing will take about 1 hour. Then the material is brought from the bath, squeezed after treatment is done and then the material is dried.

Dyeing of jute fabric with basic dye-Aftertreatment:

(1) The durability of the dye is increased when the dyed fabric is treated with 2% acetic acid. Here the treatment is done for 15 to 20 minutes at a temperature of 60°C to 800C.

(a) Treating dyed fabric with 2% alum increases the brightness of the color. Here 20 times water is used for 15 to 20 minutes at a temperature of 70°C to 80°C.

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