Drafting system and roller setting in ring spinning

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Drafting system and roller setting in ring spinning:

Drafting system:

With the help of two or more pairs of rollers, the weight of the single length of the sliver, roving is reduced and the next delivery i.e. yarn is prepared. Here the speed of the front pair of rollers is higher than that of the rear pair of rollers, so the sliver or roving is easily lengthened and the weight of the single length is reduced. A drafting system is a system by which two or more pairs of rollers are used to deliver the fiber drafts. There are different types of drafting systems. Drafting methods are sometimes made by 3 pairs or more pairs of rollers. https://bdfabric.com/roller-clearer-of-ring-spinning-machine/

Drafting system and roller setting in ring spinning-Roller setting:

The roller set is done depending on the length of the fiber. That is, the distance between two rollers is fixed. If there are 2 or 3 pairs of rollers, usually the front pair of rollers are kept straight and the middle and rear rollers are removed to set the distance. This roller set is sometimes called gazing. The distance between two rollers is usually determined by adding some allowance to the staple length of the fiber. Therefore, the setting of the rollers is to determine the distance of a certain size by adjusting the length of the fiber between the rollers in different zones of drafting. https://bdfabric.com/functions-of-the-ring-spinning-frame/

Draft and its classification:

The movement of the delivery roller makes the difference between the delivery and feed speed of the drafting zone of the machine i.e. the feed slivers are lengthened and lengthened by pulling them regularly and evenly. As a result, reducing the weight of its single length and making it lighter and longer is called the draft.

Classification of the draft:

There are usually 3 types of drafts

1. Mechanical draft

2. Actual draft

3. Tension draft

1. Drafting system and roller setting in ring spinning-Mechanical draft:

The mechanical draft is the ratio of the circumference of the delivery roller to the feed roller of the ring-spinning machine. The mechanical draft is also called the technological draft. Usually, the speed of the machine delivery roller is higher than the speed of the feed roller. Therefore, the ratio of the circumference of a fast rotating roller to the circumference of a slow rotating roller is called the mechanical draft.

2. Actual draft:

It is important to know the weight, length, or hunk of the delivery product and feed product to get the actual draft. Relevant to the feed and delivery of the machine to extract the actual draft. Therefore, it is possible to find out the actual draft in this way. The ratio of unit weight of feed product to unit weight of the delivery product is called an actual draft.

3. Tension draft:

The draft that is given in the drafting zone of the main machine is the main draft, some drafts are given in the feed and delivery part of the machine except the main draft due to the extra tension of the sliver, hence the tension draft. In the ring-spinning frame, the roving bobbin gets a little longer due to the tension up to the back pair of the drafting zone, this is the tension draft. Tension daft is mainly in the delivery part of the carding machine. The amount of this daft usually ranges from 1 to 1:11.

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