Discussion of winding on revolution and winding on motion

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Discussion of winding on revolution and winding on motion:


Winding is the process of twisting the yarn that comes out of the front roller of the ring frame or spinning frame and twisting it on the surface of the bobbin at a certain speed. And the speed at which this task is accomplished is called winding speed or winding on the motion. Winding on Motion is usually derived from the difference between the speed of the flyer and the speed of the bobbin. However, in the case of ring frames, the difference between the speed of the traveler and the speed of the bobbin is called winding on the motion. https://bdfabric.com/bobbin-drag-and-felt-bob-in-textile-spinning/

The rate of yarn delivered depends on the circumference of the front bottom roller. Delivery to the front roller depends largely on the speed of the front roller, i.e. the R.P.M and diameter of the bottom front roller. The front roller delivers a certain amount of delivery from start to finish, and the bobbin placed on the spindle of the ring frame also continues to entangle the produced yarn. https://bdfabric.com/jute-spinning-frame-and-its-objectives/

Discussion of winding on revolution and winding on motion:

The diameter of the bobbin surface remains empty. As the diameter increases, there is some variation in the winding. Due to this variation, the tension of the yarn from the front roller to the spindle tends to increase gradually. There are two types of ring-spinning frame building, usually cop building and roving building. However, in the ring frame, cop building is more used.

Bobbin building in jute spinning frames is easy. Since the bobbins used in the jute spinning frame are frange, the bobbin rails are arranged in layers on the surface of the bobbin by moving the bobbin rails up and down to the bobbin building straight i.e. top frange and bottom frange. Here both the flyer and the bobbin keep circling. The flyer keeps spinning and the bobbin also starts spinning by pulling the thread. The difference between the flyer and the bobbin’s circulation is the yarn.

That is, Winding on Motion = Flyer R.P.M – Bobbin R.P.M.

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