Disadvantages of personnel management in bangladesh

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Disadvantages of personnel management in Bangladesh:

Disadvantages of personnel management in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, there are many obstacles to meeting the expectations of the workers and achieving the goals of the employer management authority.

The difficulties of personnel management in Bangladesh are briefly discussed below:

1. Inhumane treatment of management authorities:

Good industrial relations depend to a large extent on the views of the management. Management authority in BangladeshIn most cases, workers are considered as a tool to carry out production activities. It is because of such a disrespectful attitude of the management that the animosity of the workers’ management has started. https://bdfabric.com/function-and-importance-of-personnel-management/

2. Undemocratic decision:

In Bangladesh, undemocratic decisions of the management authorities lead to the deterioration of personnel management relations. https://bdfabric.com/personnel-management-and-human-relations/

3. Inefficient management:

Efficient management is one of the tools to achieve the goals of any organization. But the lack of skilled management in Bangladesh has led to hostile labor-management relations.

4. Discriminatory labor policy:

In Bangladesh, only the interests of the employer are given priority in the labor policy. As a result, the workers are deprived of their fair share.

5. Lack of job security:

One of the reasons for the deterioration of labor-management relations in Bangladesh is that the workers naturally get angry when they fail to provide job security and become hostile towards the management.

6. Kinship:

The management authorities resort to nepotism in various activities of the organization such as recruitment, promotion, and provision of various opportunities.

7. Unhealthy work environment:

Due to the unhealthy working environment in the factories in Bangladesh, the workers are afflicted with various physical ailments. As a result, the work ethic of the employees decreases.

8. Lack of training:

Human resource development programs are very important for increasing the productivity of the organization. The field of training in Bangladesh is very low, which wastes their energy.

The above problems are one of the major obstacles to the development of good worker-management relations in Bangladesh.

Ways to solve the problem of personnel management in Bangladesh:

The following steps can be taken to solve the problem of personnel management in Bangladesh:

1. Explicit Objectives and Policies:

To solve the problem of personnel management in Bangladesh, the objectives and policies of the organization should be clear and precise.

2. The right attitude towards employees:

Employees need to be recognized as human beings. We have to show an acceptable attitude towards their shortcomings and values.

3. Development of staff recruitment, selection, and promotion process:

The process of recruitment, selection, and promotion of workers needs to be improved for better workforce management.

4. Fair wage structure:

Formulation of a fair wage structure is essential for good labor management.

5. Development of an efficient communication system:

One of the tools for the development of industrial relations is the provision of proper communication for the management of workers.

6. Work environment:

Need to develop a work environment for personnel management.

7 Justice:

To develop industrial relations, impartiality must be practiced in the selection, promotion, demotion, dismissal, training, etc. of the workers.

8. Unified Perspectives:

Employee participation must be ensured in decision-making at every stage of management. Such a united attitude motivates the workers to work.

9. Proper application of the contract:

There must be proper interpretation and application of the content of the contract. Otherwise, the worker-management relationship will be ruined.

10. Implementation of disciplinary activities:

Punishment for the crime of breach of discipline should be regular. The provision of biased discipline increases tensions.

Finally, it can be said that through proper implementation of the above steps, it is possible to develop the relationship of labor-management in Bangladesh.

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