Different types of yarn winding machines

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Different types of yarn winding machines:

There are three types of yarn winding machines. i,e

1. Cone winding machine

2. Spool Winding Machine

3. Pern Winding Machine

1. Cone winding machine:

This machine consists of a combination of reciprocating traversing cams, each with a traversing guide attached. The width of the machine is equal to the length attached to the cams in a long shaft. Each cone has a drum opposite to it and the cone has a holder on top of it, which has a touch to the drum and a handle to take it away from the drum. The yarn is welded in any shape by controlling it with a yarn guide. The machine has a double-sided winding system on both sides. https://bdfabric.com/yarn-winding-process-in-textile-spinning/

2. Different types of yarn winding machines-Spool Winding Machine:

 The spool winding machine is similar to a cone winding machine, but it is usually used in jute mills. A spool center made of wood or paper is housed in a pin placed in the spool carriage. The end of the yarn is picked up from the bobbin placed under the spool or carriage and wrapped around the spool with the bottom of the spool center. Then when the spool is touched on the surface of the drum, the thread starts to get entangled in the center of the spool. Spool winding stops when the touch of the spool is separated from the drum. After the spool winding is complete, the spool is collected separately from the machine. https://bdfabric.com/advantages-of-yarn-conditioning/

3. Pern Winding Machine:

In this method, the yarn is automatically inserted into the machine to wrap the yarn in the empty pern. When the yarn is wrapped, the full pern comes out of the machine automatically. During the operation of this machine, if the yarn suddenly breaks, the machine shuts down. The yarn from the top of the machine is tangled. At first, the spindle is sorted by empty pears. The machine is started by bringing the empty perns in contact with the guide of the machine. It takes 1 to 12 minutes for a pern to be full after starting the machine. The guide is used so that the yarn does not easily create any kind of ballooning in the right way. The machine automatically shuts off when the yarn is torn or the pern is full. https://bdfabric.com/yarn-conditioning-system-in-textile-spinning/

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