Different types of trimmings for garments

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Today I will talk with you about Different types of trimmings for garments.

Different types of trimmings for garments-Introduction:

Different types of trimmings for garments. Fabric is the basic raw material for making garments but fabric alone is not enough to make a garment. Materials that are used to make a garment other than its fabric are commonly known as garment trimmings. A variety of trimmings are used in a garment. Among the materials are some that are used for functional purposes. Some materials are used for decorating clothes.

Different types of trimmings for garments-Definition of trimmings:

In addition to the original fabric, some accessories are required to make a garment. Therefore, the materials used to make a garment other than its original fabric are called trimmings or accessories, such as chain lining, interlining, labels, buttons, thread, motif, etc.

There is some trimming, which can be seen from the outside; and there are some trimming, which cannot be seen from outside, such as interlining. Again some materials are used for performance. For example, chains or zippers are essential for making pants (Trousers), jackets, and skirts.

A list of different items of trimmings or accessories:

1. Label: Label refers to a component attached to a garment, so that, there is some necessary information about the garment, such as the size of the garment, the type of fiber, information about the service, which country made, which company made, trademark, etc.

2. Motif: The extra special part attached to the outside of the garment to enhance the beauty is called a motif.

3. Zipper: The component used to open and close a particular part of a garment is called a chain or zipper.

4. Button: The material used to attach a particular part of a garment during use is called a button.

5. Sewing thread: The yarn used to join different parts of the fabric is called sewing thread.

6. Interlining: Interlining uses one or more layers of fabric between two or more layers of fabric to strengthen certain parts of a garment or give the desired shape and hold that shape.

7. Lining: On the inside of a garment, a different type of fabric is sewn together or used than the original fabric of the garment, it is called lining.

8. Hook and loop fastening: Hooks are lined up on nylon tape and loops are lined up on another nylon tape to enhance the beauty of the garment is called Hook and loop fastening.

9. Lace, Braid, and Elastic: Lace, Braid, and Elastic are used to enhance the garment’s beauty. Again elastic is used to hold the garment to the body.

10. Wadding: Synthetic fibers are used to make filling materials in non-oven methods, in the form of sheets and of different thicknesses, called wadding or batting.

11. Shoulder pad: To enhance the beauty of the garment and as a functional part, the pad that is sewn or glued to the garment is called a shoulder pad.

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