Different types of fasteners in garments

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25 Different types of fasteners in garments are given below


This is a special type of trimming, which holds the two ends of the garment together and does not open the various loose parts of the garment when worn. Different types of fasteners in garments are used to enhance the beauty of the garment and to keep the garment attached to the body. To wear the dress, different parts of the dress are played so that it sticks evenly to the body. Different types of trimming are used to fasten the two parts of the garment, such as batten, zipper, hook, and loop fastening.

Therefore, the special type of trimming (button, chain, hook and loop fastening) that is used to hold the loose part of the garment or the loose part of the garment together is called fastening.

Different types of fasteners in garments-Use of different types of fastenings:

1. Chain (Zipper):

Chains are more commonly used when the two ends of a garment are easily untied and closed. Chains are used in pants, jackets, skirts, vests, bags, shoes, suitcases, and large luggage.

2. Buttons:

This is an important trimming. It is used as a functional part of the dress and as a decorative part. It is used in different types of shirts, pants, t-shirt, Punjabi, trousers, fatwa, coats, and jackets.

3. Hook and loop fastening:

This is a special type of trimming, which is used instead of a chain or button. It is used in a limited number of types. This type of trimming is used to make clothes for the elderly, the lame, and children. Lame people can sometimes wear and untie such a garment on their own without the help of others. In addition to clothing, such bindings are being used in various fields, such as shoes, wallets, folders, bags, suitcases, etc.

Different types of fasteners in garments-Button:

Button mainly of two types,

Sew through

Sew shank

Sew through is usually used for light fabrics and Sew shank is usually used for second layer fabrics kept behind the button head. The names of the different types of button fasteners are given below

(a) Shirt buttons

(b) Buckles

 (c) Cardigan buttons.

(d) Glass studs

(e) Coat button

(f) Vakros tape

(g) Press buttons

(h) Fancy buttons

(i) Hooks and eyes

(j) Lac buttons

(k) Hooks and fasteners.

(l) Kurta buttons.

(m) Shank buttons.

(n) Safety pins.

(o) Leather buttons

(P) Broaches

(q) Cloth buttons

(r) Cufflinks

(s) Metallic buttons

(t) Zippers

(u) Wooden buttons.

(v) Chinese frog

(w) Printed buttons

(x) Pearl buttons

(Y) Wax buttons.

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