Differences between tailoring and industrial garment

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Differences between tailoring and industrial garment manufacturing processes are given below-

Differences between tailoring and industrial garment:

Tailoring ProcessIndustrial Process 
1. The dress can be prepared by sitting in a small room with one or two sewing machines.1. In this method in large rooms by a large number of machines Many clothes can be prepared together while sitting.
 2. One to two people are needed to make a dress.2. Each by the hard work of a large number of workers, The dress is made.
3. It takes a few hours to make a dress.3. It takes a little time to make a dress It takes (1-1.30 minutes).
 4. Clothing of a certain size is made for a particular person. 4. Making clothes for everyone according to the ideal size.
5. Grading is not required.5. Grading is required.
6. A tailor sews clothes with a sewing machine.6. Numerous sewing machines and accessories Clothing is made using.
7. The cost of production is higher as a garment is made for one person.7. The cost of production is lower as many garments are made together according to an ideal size.
8. The fittings of the garments are good because the garments are made with different sizes of different parts of the body.8. The fitting of the garment with the body is in all cases It may not be good.
 9. The waste of cloth is more.9. The waste is less as the fabric is cut according to the pattern.
10. After making the garment is not delivered by attractively packing. 10. After making the garment, it is packed and delivered according to the demand of the buyers.
11. The risk of losses is much lower due to the error of making the garment.11. Due to a mistake or error in making the dress The risk of losses is high.
12. The initial capital takes up relatively less.12. The initial capital takes up comparatively much more.
13. Different types of labels may not be required for the finished product.13. Different types of labels must be added to the finished product.
14. Usually made garments are not exported abroad.14. Usually made garments are exported abroad.

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