Difference between label and motif

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Today I will talk with you about Difference between label and motif

Difference between label and motif-Introduction

Difference between label and motif. Labels and motifs are both important trimmings that are used to make garments. Labels are an important part of clothing. A garment cannot be sold in a foreign market without any label. A label carries a variety of information about clothing. Such as type of fiber, type of yarn, fabric composition, care instructions, name of the country of manufacture, size of the garment, amount of price, trademark, etc. The motif is a type of trimming that enhances the attractiveness of the dress and helps to enhance the fashion of the dress. In most cases, the motif is designed through embroidery and in some cases through printing.

Definition of labels and motifs:


Clothing cannot be sold without a label, especially in the case of garment exports. A part or component attached to a garment that contains some necessary information about that garment is called a label. For example, the size of the garment, the type of fiber, information about the service, which country, which company made trademark, etc.


A special part or component attached to the outside of the garment to enhance the beauty of the garment is called a motif. Motifs can sometimes contain company names, trademarks, or different types of signs.

The importance of labels and motifs for garments:

Importance of Labels and Motifs: To sell clothes in the market, you must have the label essential. Because the buyer must know the details of the garment of his choice. For example, if the size of the garment is not known, no buyer will be able to buy it. It is also important to know what type of fiber the garment is made of, as to whether the garment is comfortable and durable depends on the type of fiber.

How to take care of the garment is also very important as the user needs to know how to clean the garment, how to dress it, and how to dry it. Properly covered, it will withstand plenty of adverse conditions. Again, the name of the company and the trade name are very important in the sale of clothing. To export garments to the international market, labels must be added. No buyer will want to buy a garment without a label.

Again, to enhance the beauty of a garment, it is necessary to add motifs to the garment. Motifs can sometimes contain company names, trademarks, or different types of signs. A motif can enhance the beauty of the dress on the one hand, on the other hand, can also give different information about the dress. That is why the importance of motif is essential in the export of garments.

Description of different types of labels

Labels are usually of two types

1. Main label

2. Care label

1. Main label: This type of label contains the name of the company from which the garment is made and the manufacturer. Buyers are like to buy their favorites company’s cloth. That is why the importance of the main label is immense.

Care label: Care labels refer to washing and ironing. The use of clothing becomes dirty. Dirty clothes are cleaned and ironed and reused. Some of the rules or instructions for carrying out this service properly are expressed with the help of symbols, which is called the care code. The label on the garment that contains this care code is called the care label code.

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