Diamond weave definition features classification

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Diamond weave definition features classification:

Definition of diamond weave:

The design formed by the combination of horizontal and vertical zigzag twill based on the pointed principle is called diamond weave design. Usually, its repeat size is twice that of the original twill weave, both warp and weft yarn. https://bdfabric.com/herringbone-twill-definition-features-and-classification/

Features of diamond weave:

1. Usually the warp and weft yarn of the diamond design are equal.

2. Zigzag twill is formed by reversing the diagonal line of a continuous twill and diamond twill is formed by reversing the formed zigzag twill.

3. Alternative method- Symmetrical design should be made around the central thread by fixing the diamond base at the middle position with an equal number of warp and weft yarn.

4. Smallest diamond design (4X4).

5. Drafting is generally pointed.

Diamond Weave Design


According to the design, the diamond weave is of two sizes:

(a) Pointed diamond weave.

(B) Flat-pointed diamond weave.

(a) Pointed diamond weave:

Diamond weave definition features classification. A pointed diamond weave is a symmetrical design around a central thread with an odd number of warp and weft yarns and diamonds in the middle. The drafting of pointed diamonds is also pointed.

(b) Flat pointed diamond weave:

A diamond design created by dividing the even number of thread diamond repeats into four equal parts, changing the direction of the main twill between each part, is called a flat pointed diamond weave. Each twill line in this design forms an angle at the point of change of direction and the opposite lines are parallel to each other.

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