Description of drawing machine

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Description of the drawing machine. The main structure of the drawing machine is made of iron. The drawing frame is arranged by various parts of the structure made of iron. On the back of the machine on the feed side, the card sliver filling cans obtained from the carding machine is arranged. Usually, 6 to 8 sliver stand hangers are brought forward in an orderly manner and the rear pair is fed into the roller through a trumpet.

The slivers move forward through two rear drafting rollers through guides, plates, and electric rollers. The driver feeding system has an auto-stop machine to keep the slivers doubling. The auto stop machine works to automatically shut down the machine if any sliver is suddenly torn or finished while the machine is running. Because of this auto-stop machine, if you feed 8 slivers, there is never a possibility of less than 1.

Description of the drawing machine. The quality of the resulting sliver is good. After the machine is shut down due to the absence of any sliver, the worker re-attaches the sliver or removes the empty can and brings the filled can, and starts the machine by holding the sliver. As a result, the delivery sliver is of equal weight and there is no variation in drafting and doubling. But the upper rollers, which are joined by a rubber or synthetic material, are in motion due to the contact of the lower grooved rollers. The upper rollers are held in place by a spring or some such mechanism with pressure on the lower rollers. For various reasons, the upper roller and the lower roller move in opposite directions. Drawing machines usually use 3 or 4 pairs of rollers, meaning there are 2 or 3 places for drafting.

The speed of the front pair of rollers in the drawing frame drafting zone is higher than the speed of the feed pair roller. The carded slivers come from the feed can through the stand hanger through the rear pair of rollers through the trumpet and pass through the front pair of rollers. The fibers begin to emerge slowly through the drafting zone like a thin sheet, which is converted into a sliver through the delivery trumpet. Subsequently, a pair of delivery parts begin to accumulate in the delivery roller’s sliver rotating cans in a gently layered shape.

Once the delivery sliver cans are filled, the cans are removed and replaced under the calendar roller to fill an empty can sliver and the filled cans are taken to the speed frame for the next process.


 1. The main functions of the drawing frame are organized in the drafting area.

2. Slivers are converted into light slices by regular and consistent pulling or drafting.

3. The fibers in the middle of the sliver are parallel and aligned with each other.

4. A balanced sliver is produced by processing two or more slivers jointly.

5. Drawing and doubling of the drawing machine produce a sliver of equal weight per yard. |

6. The fibers/slivers are mixed and blended as required and finally the slivers are deposited in the form of coils.

Two types of drawing machines are commonly used in our country.

1. Conventional drawing frame

2. Modern drawing frame

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