Description of drafting system used in jute spinning system

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Description of drafting system used in jute spinning system:

The spinning frame is divided into several sections based on the drafting method.

1. Breastplate

2. Breastplate & intermediate roller

3. Apron & intermediate roller

4. Double apron

5. Grooved intermediate roller

6. Gill pins

7. Apron draft

8. Slip draft

1. Breastplate:

The drafting zone has a smooth metal plate between the retaining roller and the drawing roller. This plate is called the breastplate. The plate is slightly curved, the middle slightly raised. There is a conductor just below the breastplate, which helps fibers to enter the drafting nip.

2. Description of drafting system used in jute spinning system-Breastplate & intermediate roller:

In the case of sliver spinning frames where the crimped finisher drawing sliver is fed, it is most commonly used for jute spinning. Here the breastplate is a slightly rounded concave plate, which is sloping up and down. Beneath the plate is a pair of intermediate rollers. The main drafting of this frame is arranged between the intermediate roller and the drawing roller.

3. Description of drafting system used in jute spinning system-Apron & intermediate roller:

An endless rubber apron is used instead of a breastplate for the apron intermediate roller. In the drafting zone, the apron is placed at the bottom and an intermediate roller is placed on the top of the apron in a light cover that controls the speed of the scales.

4. Double apron:

This drafting method is very advanced and it is a modern version. The draft range is much higher and the spindle speed is much higher. Since two endless rubber aprons are used from both sides, for which fiber control is also very good.

5. Grooved intermediate roller:

In this case, the sliver progresses over the intermediate roller. Groove is cut on the roller. It is usually used for spinning frames on large pitches to make matte yarn.

6. Gill pins:

The gill spinning frame is made according to the spiral drawing frame. The drafting process is done through the faller bar in the spinning frame.  just like the faller bar movement in the drawing frame. However, the faller bars of the spinning frame is arranged at 450 angles. This method is not used at present. The speed and production of the frame are also much less.

7. Description of drafting system used in jute spinning system-Apron draft:

The spinning frame in which the yarns are made and delivered in the drafting zone, i.e. from the back roller to the front roller, is controlled and delivered by a rubber apron is called an apron draft.

8. Slip draft:

This type of draft is called slip draft in the spinning frame in which the need to make yarn is controlled only with the help of drawing and pressing roller in the drafting zone.

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