Definition of Clothing and Introduction

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Definition of Clothing and Introduction. The term clothing is used in a broad sense. In other words, the word ‘Cloth’ literally means cloth and the word Clothing means the technique of making garments of different designs with the help of the cloth.

Clothing is a variety of fabrics and accessories needed to make a garment, just as the yarn is needed to make a garment. And the word garments means clothing and the word apparel means to fashion or design of clothing. In other words, the use and technique of any technology associated with clothing are called clothing technology or clothing technology.

Definition of Clothing and Introduction-Introduction:

It is difficult to say the exact date of the beginning of human civilization, when the subconscious mind of man, when the desire to eliminate shame first appeared. However, when the idea of ​​eliminating shame originates in the human mind, it is done with the leaves of the tree, the bark of the tree, and the skin of the animal. Later, with the gradual development of civilization, people adopted the use of fiber, yarn, and cloth. In terms of current civilization, man has identified his five basic needs. Textile is the second most important of these basic needs. Basically, human clothing is needed to prevent embarrassment and to protect the body from the adverse effects of natural weather.

From the studies of anthropology and archeology, historians believe that humans began to wear clothes about 50,000 years before Christ. Those primitive garments consisted of leaves, hides, or skins rusticly attached to the body. Today, not only is clothing made from endless materials but there is also the ‘smart’ range, linked to elements of technology to provide additional performance. It should be noted that, although most clothing is exposed when a person dresses, there are underwear (used undershirts, pants, and skirts, for example) and white clothing (the denomination that receives the sheets, tablecloths, and other products that cover the bed or table). The definition that corresponds to this term, within Clothing and Fashion is the garment that is manufactured with different fabrics and textures, and that man uses to cover his body or to protect himself from the weather. Thus, the clothes allow air circulation around the skin for the cold, preventing the cold outside air from contacting the skin and not drying it out. Likewise, the fibers of the fabrics allow air to be captured and immobilized. Regarding heat, the use of light-colored fabrics is recommended as they protect the body from heat and avoid ultraviolet radiation from the sun and skin burns.

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