Definition and objects of quality and quality control

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Definition and objects of quality and quality control:

Definition of quality:

In the case of a particular product, quality is the degree of how much it can meet the satisfaction or demand of the buyer or user. The term quality refers to the basic quality of a product. By this, we mean the precision of the finished product. The quality of a substance is expressed through some special properties of that substance. That is, a product can be said to be good only if that product is similar to the given specification and the quality of that product is determined according to the given specification.

Quality control:

The systematic and regular control of the variables that affect the quality of the product is called quality control. In any manufacturing process, the quality of the product is affected by raw material, machinery, electricity, temperature, humidity, dust and dirt, and similar conditions. Quality control is the orderly and systematic control of all these things.

Definition and objects of quality and quality control. Quality control is a combination of all the techniques and methods. Which is used to control the quality of a product by providing sufficient satisfaction to the buyer or user at the lowest cost. Proper use of these reduces the production cost and waste of the product and improves the quality of the product.

Objects of Quality Control:

 The objectives of quality control are discussed below:

1. The first objective of quality control is to set a standard for quality that buyers are willing to accept. In other words, to determine the quality of the product according to the needs of the buyer.

2. To analyze the pattern and extent of quality deviation during production and to determine the cause of such deviation.

3. To take necessary steps in the case of the production of substandard products.

4. Aiming to ensure the supply of acceptable quality products to the buyer.

 Inspection Quality Control:

Judging the acceptability of the product by comparing the quality of the product with the details determined by inspection measurements. The comparison of these qualities determines which products are acceptable or which are not. The following points must be considered for a well-planned visit.

1. Where to visit.

2. How much will be inspected.

3. Who will visit.

4. Inspection cost and its control.

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