Cutting Machines for clothes

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Cutting Machines for clothes


Cutting Machines for clothes in the textile industry. Blades or knives have been used for cutting clothes for hundreds of years. For the past (50) years, research has been done on whether it is possible to cut clothes by any means other than metal blades. Metal blades or knives are still widely used in the textile industry around the world. Since the cloth is cut with the help of metal blades, therefore the blade needs to be borrowed and replaced from time to time.

No cloth powder is used along the cut line of the cloth when cutting with a metal blade. But when cutting wood with a saw, wood powder comes out along the cut line and the thickness of the saw creates a gap. But no such gap is created during the cutting of the cloth but during the cutting of the cloth the layer of cloth shifts in two directions under the pressure of the blade and as the blade moves forward the cloth returns to its previous position from both sides. At present, a large number of garments are being cut with the help of metal blades or knives. The cutting machines used for cutting cloth can be mainly divided into two classes. The names of both the classified cutting machines are given below.

Cutting M/C for clothes

1. Cutting Machines for clothes Manual method

(A) Hand operated scissors

(B) Round knife machine

(C) Straight knife machine

(D) Band knife machine

(E) Die cutting machine

(F) Notcher machine

(G) Drill machine

2. Cutting Machines for clothes Computerized method

(A) Knife cutting

(B) Water jet cutting

(C) Laser beam cutting

(D) Plasma torch cutting

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