Criteria of selection bleaching agents

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Criteria of selection bleaching agents:

Bleaching agent selection depends on the following factors. Such as –

1. Price of bleaching agent.

2. Effects on fiber.

3. Types of fiber.

4. Types of the finishing process.

5. Concentration of chemicals.

6. Temperature of the solution.

7. Time of the bleaching process.

8. PH of the solution.

9. Material & liquor ratio.

1. Price of bleaching agent:

Before choosing a bleaching agent, it is important to check whether the bleaching agent is too expensive to bleach. Hydrogen peroxide can usually be used to bleach any fiber, but in comparison, hydrogen peroxide bleaching is a bit more expensive than hypo chloride bleaching.

2. Criteria of selection bleaching agents-Effects on fiber:

Bleaching agents have different effects on different fibers. Bleaching some fibers by some agents does not give a good agent. Again some reagents cannot completely bleach the fiber. Fiber damage occurs when some agents are used for bleaching. Most of the oxidizing bleaching agents contain chlorine. This chlorine reacts directly with the fiber and damages the fiber.

3. Criteria of selection bleaching agents-Types of fiber:

Bleaching agents are also selected separately for the type of fiber. Oxidizing bleaching agents are commonly used to bleach vegetable fibers. Protein fiber is only used by reducing bleaching agents for bleaching. Vegetable fibers that contain fats and oils as waste products are later bleached by a reducing agent.

4. Types of finishing process:

The type of bleaching process to be applied to the fiber depends on the type of finishing process to be applied to the fiber. Bleaching agents are usually selected based on the use of fiber. Sometimes primary bleaching, partial bleaching, or full bleaching is done.

5. Concentration of chemicals:

Agent selection depends on the concentration of the chemical in the bleaching agent to be used. There is a possibility of fiber loss as a result of using an extra thickening solution and again using a less thickening agent may not cause full bleaching.

6. Temperature of the solution:

Proper bleaching will not be possible if the required amount of temperature is not present in the solution along with the use of a bleaching agent. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a bleaching agent depending on the temperature of the solution used or whether it is possible or impossible to apply heat before applying the bleaching agent to the fabric.

7. Time of the bleaching process:

It is important to know when to use a bleaching agent before using it. Some bleaching agents do not work properly when used for short periods. So the specific time for the specific agent has been determined.

8. Criteria of selection bleaching agents-PH of the solution:

The choice of agent depends on the concentration of the bleaching solution. For example, for hypo chlorine bleaching, the PH of the solution is usually kept above 9.

9. Material & liquor ratio:

Bleaching agents are selected based on the ratio of the material and the liqueur.

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