Cotton fabrics compression problem and remedy

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Cotton fabrics compression problem and remedy. We all like cotton clothes very much. There is no pair of cotton cloth for comfort on a hot day. Everyone goes to the market looking for cotton clothes. Designers are constantly coming up with new clothes with different designs and variations on top of the cotton.

One of the many advantages of cotton fabrics is the occasional disadvantage. Some cotton fabrics become smaller along the length and width after washing. This shrinkage is so slight, that in most cases it is not visible. But in the case of clothes, shirts, even if it is half an inch smaller, there may be difficulty in the fitting.

Today we will discuss why this problem occurs, how it can be overcome and what we can do.

Cotton Fabric

The cause of the compression:

Cotton fabrics compression problem and remedy. Everyone who has seen the method of making cloth knows that cloth is made from yarn through many steps. In each case, the yarn is tightened to keep the fabric in place. Each yarn is tightly wrapped around the beam with starch. When the yarn falls into that stretched yarn, which means the yarn enters the horizontal yarn, it becomes tight. Even after making the cloth, it is very tightly wrapped in another beam. This fixes the structure and tension of the fabric.

Subsequently, the gray cloth relaxes the yarn molecules in the wet state by exposure to water, detergent, or chemical and reduces the tension of the cloth. As a result, the fabric gets a chance to shrink a bit. The length of the fabric decreases due to the contraction of the fabric during dyeing. In the factory, therefore, the length is slightly reduced after dyeing or printing. The length and width of this fabric are therefore kept flowing through the stenting machine. And after that its sep and shine is fixed by calendaring.

Compression Remedy:

If there is still some tension after so many processes, then the fabric can be shorter in length after washing even after it goes into the hands of the buyer. To get rid of this problem, the fabric flows through another mechanical process. This is called sunforising. This fabric is made to shrink as much as possible through sunforising. As a result, there is no chance of compression later. So even after making clothes with this cloth, it does not shrink after washing. In the best factories, the clothes are always sunforized so that the buyer does not have to face such problems.

We must do:

If sunforising is not done or a little more or less in processing, this shrinkage of the fabric can occur. To reduce this risk, if the clothes are washed after purchase and then allowed to be made, this problem will no longer occur.

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