Cotton fabric dyeing by direct dye

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Cotton fabric dyeing by direct dye:


Dyestuff → 1-5% (on the weight of the material)

Lissapol N → 6%

Soda ash → 3%

NaCl → 20%

Water → 20 times

Temperature → 80°C-100°C

Time →1 hour

Dyeing Process:

Cotton fabric dyeing by the direct dye. The paste is made with a small amount of cold water with 1-5% of the weight of the material (Cotton) that needs to be dyed first. The water used for the paste should be taken 20 times from the water. The wetting agent for making the paste is added. The purpose of adding a wetting agent is dye solution so that it can penetrate well into the fiber. Now 15-20% of the weight of dyestuff is made with water (dye solution) stock solution is made. The other two containers contain 3% soda ash and 20% NaCl solution. https://bdfabric.com/cellulose-fiber-topping-with-the-basic-dye/

Dyeing M/C

Now in a dye bath, take 20 times the weight of the material (cotton) with water and add soda ash solution in it, and heat it for 10 minutes at 70-80°C to remove the hardness of the water. Then the temperature is lowered to 60°C and dye solution is added to the dye bath. Now the material is stirred for 30 minutes in a dye bath and the temperature is kept between 80-100°C. The material (cotton) is treated for another 30 minutes by adding NaCl Solution to the dye bath. Finally, the dyed material is squeezed and washed first with hot water and then with cold water.

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