Cotton dyeing by reactive dye continuous method

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Cotton dyeing by reactive dye continuous method:

Pad steam method:

Cotton dyeing by reactive dye continuous method-Recipe:

  Light shade                         Medium shade                 Heavy shade

Dyestuff    → 0.5-10 g/liter 10-20 g/liter                        Up to 30 g/liter

Soda ash → 5 g/liter 5-10 g/liter                   10-20 g/liter

Salt    → 40-60 g/liter                   60-80 g/liter                         80 g/liter

Urea    → 150 g/liter                      150 g/liter            150  g/liter              Sodium alginate → small amount small amount small amount

Dyeing process:

In this method, many clothes can be dyed together. In this case, two bowls are used. In the first bowl, the wet cloth is padded with dye and urea at a temperature of 60-80°C. Urea helps the dye to dissolve in water and penetrate the fabric. A small amount of sodium alginate is used in this bowl as an anti-migrating agent. The cloth is then moved to the drawing chamber and taken to the second bowl. The second bowl is padded at 60°C with soda ash or sodium hydroxide and salt. The fabric is then steamed at 100°C – 102°C for 30 to 60 seconds. The cloth is then washed with cold water and soaping. It is washed again with cold water and dried. https://bdfabric.com/important-factors-to-be-considered-for-reactive-dyes/

Reactive Dyes

Pad thermo fixation method:


 Dyestuff →2% (on product weight)

Soda Ash → 1% (on product weight)

Salt → 8% (on product weight)

Urea → 15% (on product weight)

Sodium alginate → a small amount

Dyeing process:

In this method, the padding bath contains the solution of dyestuff, salt, urea, and sodium alginate. The fabric is padded at room temperature in a padding bath. The cloth is then taken to the drying unit for drying. After drying, the fabric is thermo fixed at 160°C for 5 minutes. The fabric is then first washed with cold water, treated with soapy water, and then re-washed with cold water. This method is quite useful for moderate reactive dye.

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