Combed yarn flow chart

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Combed yarn flow chart. Today I will discuss with you the flowchart for making combed yarn.

We know that spinning is the set of techniques necessary to convert textile fibers such as wool, cotton, or other similar materials into yarn through an industrial refining process. In addition, spinning is an industrial process in which, based on more or less complex operations, with textile fibers, whether natural or artificial, a new fine, elongated, resistant and flexible textile body is created called yarn. spinning is at the origin of the use that man-made of natural fibers. In that origin, the first spinning tool was the man’s own hands who, by making a simple twist on a bundle of fibers, manufactured a simple thread, capable of being spun again, braided, or used in the manufacture of fabrics. Spinning is the basic manufacturing of the entire textile industry. Combed yarn flow chart. It is logical that the development of the latter rests on the improvement of the former; Thus, with the passage of time, technology has been making it increasingly complex and more precise, perfecting classic spinning, specializing it in the achievement of unique products, required for economic reasons and for specific textile purposes. Next, we have the diagram of the basic processes.

Below is the flowchart for making combed yarn.

Continuous machinesManufactured goods
CardingCarded Sliver
1st or pre-comb drawingdrawing sliver
Super Coating FormerMini Coating
Combingcombed sliver
Closing DrawingDrawing Sliver
Simplex or speed frameRoving
Ring-spinning frameyarn

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