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Clothing problems in the world and remedies

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Some Clothing problems in the world and remedies are given below:

If Shrinkage fails at any length in any cloth, then when finishing that cloth, it will pass if you finish with Dia (+).
For example: – If Length- 10, Dia will pass shrinkage if it is 3 inches (+). Similarly, if the width of a cloth fails, then the same method of work will give good results. Every 1 inch of diameter (+) or (-) reduces shrinkage by 1.5%.

Twisting: –
If twisting fails on a cloth, then you can get good results by finishing that cloth by compacting the angle. If you do not pass it, then you can get good results by soaking the cloth in slitting, stenting it at a full angle, and compacting it with a full angle.

Gsm: –
If there is more Gsm in any cloth, then Gsm will be fine if you reduce the overfeed by Dia (+) and finish.
If Gsm is low in any cloth, then Gsm can be increased by finishing in normal dia with full overfeeding / Full vibration. If Gsm does not increase even after this, if you tumble 50% Dry 50% Wet, Gsm will increase. If Gsm does not increase even after using all the methods, then Gsm will increase only if urea is used, it does not increase after that, then the cloth has to be discarded and a new cloth has to be made.

Phenolic yellowing: –
Clothing problems in the world and remedies. If the yellowing test is done on any fabric then the fabric must use a nonionic softener for both dyeing and finishing. If a fabric fails the test and if its grade is 2-3 then the fabric will pass again using a Non-ionic softener with a Power of Hydrogen 3-4 and using that chemical in a double padder.

Pilling: –
If the pilling grade on a cloth is very bad then good results can be obtained by lowering the speed of the cloth while singeing.
Brush appearance: –
If the brush fails to appear on a fabric, then after brushing the fabric, it is silted, then it is stenter, then it is shearing, then it is stenter, and then compacting and finishing will give good results. Even then, if the appearance is bad, then the cloth will pass if you wash it with a dyeing machine, then silit it and then stenter it.

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