Classification and description of singeing machine

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Classification and description of singeing machine:

Classification of singeing machine:

There are three main types of singeing machines used in textile industries.

1. Gas singeing machine.

2. Plate singeing machine.

3. Rotary cylinder singeing machine.

1. Description of gas singeing machine:

With the help of a gas singeing machine, it is possible to singe continuously on both sides of the fabric at the same time. This is why gas singeing machines are the most popular compared to other machines. One or more burners are used in this machine. Singeing is done on only one side on a burner. In some gas singeing machines, the cloth is driven over the burner using a guide roller. Determine the width of the burner according to the width of the cloth. https://bdfabric.com/textile-desizing-process-definition-purposes-classification/

First, with the help of a brush on the running cloth, the fibers attached to the cloth can be straightened, so that the fibers are burnt as soon as they come in contact with the gas flame. The fast-moving cloth is dipped into the water tank using a guide roller so that the spark of the fire cannot ignite the fibers. The cloth is then collected or stacked with a squeezing roller. Machine speed 40-200 yards/min.

2. Description of plate singeing machine:

Plate singeing is made by copper plates in 2 furnaces and 2 angle plates. Angle plates made of 1 to 2-inch thick copper are placed in the mouth of two furnaces. The furnace is heated by a convenient fuel. Arrangements are made to increase the length of the plate along the width of the fabric. In some cases, the cloth is passed over the surface of the heated plate using a guide roller. As soon as the cloth comes in contact with the heated plate, the flakes on the outside of the cloth get burnt. After singeing the cloth is collected by draw-roller. This method also increases the brightness of the fabric for hot metal surfaces. Fabric speed 135-225 meter/min. https://bdfabric.com/procedures-for-resolving-industrial-disputes/

3. Description of rotary cylinder singeing machine:

The rotary cylinder singeing machine is the latest version of plate singeing. However, in this case, cylinders made of rolling copper or cast iron are used. There is a heating system inside the cylinder. The surface of the cylinder is leveled and it is heated continuously. In this case, the cylinder is almost the same. This means that the temperature of the heated cylinder is always close. In some cases, the cloth is carried over the surface of the rotating cylinder using a guide roller. However, the surface motion of the cylinder remains detailed towards the fabric.

Classification and description of singeing machine. Thus the singeing process is effective and the brightness of the fabric increases as a result of friction of the metal. It is possible to simmer both sides of the fabric simultaneously using a rotary cylinder.

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