Carding in textile Introduction, Purpose, Importance

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Carding in textile Introduction, Purpose, Importance. The position of the carding machine is next to the blow-room in the order of a spinning mill machine in the continuity of yarn making. Carding machines play an important role in the whole spinning process.

The cading machine acts as the last machine right after the blow room line to clean the cotton fibers. This machine is called the spinning mill, which is the center of the mill for making cotton yarn because the fibers are unfolded, single fibers are brought to the stage and all the remaining waste is removed. The most opening and cleaning is here. In a word, good cading is needed to make good yarn.

The carding machine removes all the waste, dirt, scales, naps, etc. that remain in the blow room process. In addition to this, the fiber comes in straight, parallel, and single fiber stages to make a balanced weight sliver suitable for later use, which is only possible with a carding machine. Therefore, the role of carding machine in the spinning lines is very important. The carding machine basically removes the remaining dirt dust, broken cotton seeds, and other wastes from the cotton lap obtained from the blow-room completely from the scales. The cotton matte in the blow room removes 60% -65% of the impurities, almost all of the remaining impurities are removed by the carding machine, and each fiber is brought to a single fiber level. In addition, the carding machine is the initial stage of making yarn. That is, it makes a sliver, which can then be used to make a balanced yarn from light to light through drafting and doubling.

Carding in textile Introduction, Purpose, Importance-Purpose of carding:

1. Open the lap obtained from the blow-room in small bundles and bring the scales to a single stage.

2. Partial alignment and alignment of the scales to facilitate the subsequent process.

3. Dirt, dust, broken cotton seeds, and other wastes left in the cotton fiber after the blow-room process

Completely removed from the scales.

4. Eliminate excessively small fibers located in the core fibers.

5. Removal of naps made from immature fibers created by blow-room in the carding process.

6. Mixing and blending the fibers as required.

7. The next process is to make a single length equal weight and parallel fibrous sliver.

Carding in textile Introduction, Purpose, Importance-Importance of Carding:

To make a yarn of any fibrous fiber, it is necessary to first remove the waste material. So in the spinning line, first the carding in the second step after removing the partial waste through different machines of the blow-room line.

The machine removes the remaining waste and removes the waste from the fiber. In addition to getting rid of waste in every fiber. The first step in making yarn is to make a sliver, which is done by a carding machine. Cotton contains a certain amount of waste and this waste is in the blow-room at an early stage

After partial removal, the carding machine completely removes the waste and makes it useful for making yarn. It is not possible to make yarn from that fiber if it is not free from waste. The last thing the coding machine does is make the sliver the initial step in making the yarn.

The importance of carding

1. The partially defective fibers obtained from the previous machine are pre-disposed.

2. The fibers are opened and brought to the stage of single fibers.

3. The fibers are partially aligned and parallel to form the next process.

4. Sliver of balanced and parallel fibers is made as to the initial step of yarn making.

5. Unwanted small fibers and naps etc. are removed from the cotton fibers.

6. There is some mixing and bleeding through carding.

Classification of carding machines:

Different models or different types of carding machines have been used in the industry since the invention of the carding machine. The following carding machines have been used since the 1800 century.

1. Roller and clearer card

2. Fixed flat card

3. Rolling flat card

Rotating flat cards are now widely used in the above carding machines.

Apart from the above classifications, different types of carding machines are being used as modern carding machines. Separate carding machines are also being used for short-staple spinning and long-staple spinning.

The carding machine is divided as follows based on the sort of cylinder or taker in etc.

1. Dual carding

2. Mono or single carding

 3. Tandem carding

 4. Schubert and Sulzer Super Card

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