Carding cloth definition classification

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“Carding cloth is the covering of different rollers of a carding machine made of fine wire.”

Carding cloth definition classification. Clothing is the coating that is formed by the foundation by metallic or flexible wire along the surface of different rollers of the carding machine. Matte foundation cloth is usually made by pasting one, two, or more layers of cloth by textile cloth. Hard metal wire made of metallic material like saw teeth is metallic wire and flexible wire made of fine pins like wire is flexible wire.

Carding cloth definition classification. Currently, the use of foundations made of textile fabrics has declined somewhat, as these clothes are somewhat rigid, water vapor barrier, and have low elasticity. In addition, the use of foundation cloth made of solid rubber has increased slightly. It is very important to have good card clothing to get effective results from the carding machine. The two main functions of a carding machine are carding and stripping which is possible only with good wiring. Therefore, it is necessary to have good knowledge about the clothing of different rollers of the carding machine.

Carding cloth definition classification:

Three types of clothing are commonly used for card clothing.

1. Flexible wire clothing.

2. Metallic wire clothing.

3. Semi-rigid wire clothing.

1. Carding cloth definition classification Flexible wire clothing.

 Flexible wire is very delicate and flexible. The cylinders of conventional carding machines are used in flats and duffers. Flexible wire clothing requires a separate foundation.

2. Metallic wire clothing

 The metallic wire looks a lot like saw teeth. It is very strong and tough. Used for clothing in the taker-in of a conventional carding machine. However, modern carding machines are also used in cylinder duffers and some flats. No foundation is required for clothing by metallic wire.

3. Semi-rigid wire clothing

The semi-rigid wire is mainly used for flats. It is somewhat stiff and somewhat flexible. In some cases, it is also used for cylinders and duffers. It uses fabrics or classics for the foundation.

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