Card stripping Definition Classification

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Card stripping Definition Classification. Stripping is required to maintain the quality of the produced silver. “The method by which small fibers, debris, naps, dirt, dust, etc., stuck between the wires or teeth of different rollers of the carding machine are cleaned is called card stripping.”

To get the best quality carding sliver, you need to keep the rollers clean at all times. The wires of the carding machine’s cylinders, duffers, and flats contain naps, waste, and tiny fibers, which are cleaned in various ways.

Cylinder and duffer wires need to be cleaned 3 times daily for high-quality cotton and 4 times daily for low-quality cotton. If the teeth of the wire or metallic wire of cylinder, duffer, etc. are clean, the quality of the produced silver is better.

Card stripping Definition Classification-Need of stripping:

1. Need of stripping to clean naps, small fibers, dirt, etc. accumulated in different wires.

2. Stripping is required to keep cylinders, duffers, or flats clean at all times.

3. Stripping is required to maintain the quality of the produced silver.

4. If the rollers are clean through stripping, the waste is less.

5. If the rollers of the machine are kept clean by stripping, the machine will be better and more functional.

6. Stripping is essential to keep the process running.

Classification of stripping

There are four main types of card stripping.

1. Roller stripping

2. Vacuum stripping

3. Constant stripping

4. Hooded brush stripping

1. Roller Stripping: A 40 “inch long and 6” diameter roller covered by a special stripping kilt known as a stripping roller. This clears the cylinder and duffer wires by driving the cylinder and duffer reverse in the opposite direction of rotation.

2. Vacuum stripping: This type of stripping gives better results than roller stripping. It is usually possible to easily remove waste from cylinders, duffers, and flats by airflow. This airflow is created with the help of a powered pump.

3 Continuous stripping: It goes without saying that this type of stripping is not in vogue. It is usually placed between the cylinder and the duffer. The main purpose of this type of stripping is to re-process all the fibers that remain in the cylinder without going into the duffer.

4. Hooded brush stripping: Dust and fly float in the air in the card room during stripping, which is detrimental to the health of everyone present. So a metal hood over the stripping brush completely covers the device. Is suppressed by airflow.

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