Building motion of ring frame

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Building motion of ring frame:


The rings of the ring-spinning frame are arranged on the ring rail at a certain rule and distance. The rings go up and down once in a circular shape around the spindle. The ring frame of the ring machine has a set of rules for lifting and lowering the rail. The machine by which the ring rail is raised and lowered for precisely and neatly wrapping the yarn on the ring bobbin is called building motion. However, in this case, during the formation of the bobbin, the ring rail continues to rise little by little until the lift reaches a completely high level. Lift is the distance between the first and lowest position of the ring rail to the last highest position to form the size of a full bobbin.

Building motion of ring frame-The function of Building motion:

Building motion usually does the following.

1. A heart cam controls the length of the bobbin’s building, i.e. the traverse of the ring rail.

2. With the help of ratchet wheels and poles, Bobbin gently lifts the ring rail, keeping the east traverse length of the building.

Ring Frame Machine

Building motion of ring frame-Description of Building motion:

The heart cam or Builder cam receives speed directly from the machine and due to its rotation, the builder’s arm moves up and down. It is connected to the rocking shaft by a chain. The rocking shaft combines with a Quadrant arm and Lifter arm. The rocking shaft is attached to the ring rail using the lifter rod with the lifter arm.

Working Principle of building motion:

The builder cam moves the builder arm up and down. The builder cam or heart cam moves directly from the machine. The builder lifts the cam as well as the ring rail through the lifter arm and lifts the rod through the chain. The chain is attached to the quadrant arm by side. With the lifting of the ring rail, the yarn gets entangled in the bobbin located in the ring.

Building motion of ring frame. One end of the builder’s arm is the fulcrum and the other end has a drum with a ratchet, due to which 1 tooth turns as the builder’s arm goes up and down and the chain is slowly twisted. As a result, the bobbin lift gradually decreases. In this way, keeping the traverse length of the bobbin building, the ring rail is gently lifted and the bobbin building continues. When the bobbin is full, the machine is turned off, the doffing is done, and the building machine is restarted to its original starting position.

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