Building and winding in jute spinning process

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Building and winding in jute spinning process:

Building in jute spinning process:

Two fringe bobbins are used in the jute spinning frame. In other words, in a bobbin carrier, there are two fringes above and below the empty bobbin and there is a bobbin bar in the middle. The yarn produced on the top of the bobbin rod is tied up and down and re-bobbed in this way. From the bottom fringe on the top of the empty bobbin and from the top fringe from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom in this way it gradually becomes a full bobbin so the building.

Winding in jute spinning process:

The word winding means wrapping. The method by which yarn is wrapped in an empty bobbin after making yarn in a jute spinning frame is called bobbin winding. Winding is the process of wrapping the yarn in different packages in different ways. The spinning yarn produced in this way is called winding.

Jute Spinning Process

Description of winding and building:

Winding is the transfer of yarn produced by spinning from a low-capacity bobbin to a large-capacity cone. However, in the case of weft yarn, transfer from spinning bobbin to cop is called weft winding.

Warp winding machine is a very high-speed machine. In this machine, the feed plate has three tag-ends tied together so that as soon as one bobbin is finished, the yarn can be untied from the other bobbin and attached to the scroll. Sometimes this condition also occurs in the form of a series.

Building and winding in jute spinning process. Plain scroll rollers are used for light yarns and footed scroll rollers for heavy yarns. Tag and let off the machine is not mandatory.

Two standard warp winding machine data:

1. 24 spindles 15” pitch, 12 spindles on each side.

2.32 spindle 15” pitch 16 spindle on each side. Winding speed

(A) Light yarn – 400 to 600 yards / minute.

(B) Heavy yarn – 150 to 250 yards/minute.

Modern Cop Winding Machine

Double-sided machine with 24 spindles per machine.

Cop size 8″to 14″

Spindle speed – 1950 to 2000 R.P.M.

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