Broken twill definition features structure

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Broken twill definition features structure:

Definition of broken twill:

Any continuous twill line motion regularly or regularly divided i.e. twill formed by breaking at regular or irregular intervals is called broken twill. In a word, broken twill is formed by breaking the continuous twill line at certain steps.


1. Continuous twill is broken regularly or irregularly to form broken twill.

2. Continuous twill is broken longitudinally to form warp-way stripes and transversely to form weft-way stripes.

3. If the yarns are arranged along the weft to form a broken twill, the drafting will be straight, and if the yarns are arranged along the warp to form a broken twill, the drafting will be broken.

4. Broken twill can also be formed by dividing a continuous twill repeat into 3 or 4 parts.

5. Broken twill can be easily formed by dividing broken twill into 2 parts only.

6. Drafting is usually a straight draft or a broken draft.

Broken Twill Fabric

Structure of broken twill:

Broken twill definition features structure. There are several methods of forming broken twill. One type is described below –

1. A broken twill is formed with as many yarns repeats warp and weft as a basic twill i.e. a continuous twill is first formed with identical yarns.

2. The formed continuous twill repeat should be divided into two equal parts, i.e. the warp yarns should be divided into half, keeping the order of the warp yarns of the first part and breaking the yarns of the second part in a certain order.

3. Let’s say, a (8 x 8) cell is formed by continuous twill. By keeping the first four continuous threads (1, 2, 3, 4) intact, the second four continuous threads are broken and arranged in the order of 8, 7, 6, and 5 to form a broken twill equal to the continuous twill repeat.

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