Bobbin drag and felt bob in textile spinning

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Bobbin drag and felt bob in textile spinning:

Bobbin drag in textile spinning:

The bobbin drag is called bobbin pull in Bengali. The bobbin is usually mounted on a metal bobbin carrier. The base of the bobbin carrier is shaped like a disc, with a metal bar standing vertically in the middle – in which the bobbin is placed. Under the bobbin carrier, there is a felt bob in place of the disc. There are several slots on the reverse side of the bobbin carrier for the Felt Bob installation.

If the felt bob is placed on the inside of the bobbin’s carrier, the bobbin’s drag will be less, meaning the carrier will feel much lighter and the bobbin’s tension will decrease. And if the felt bob is applied to the outside, then the bobbin tension will increase. The felt bob is usually attached to the inside for light count yarn and the felt bob is attached to the outside for heavy count yarn.

Yarn Bobbin

Felt bob in textile spinning:

Bobbin drag and felt bob in textile spinning. The three or four pads attached to the bottom of the bobbin carrier, which controls the rotation of the bobbin, is the felt bob. Its controls uncontrolled rotation of the bobbin. Felt bob made of leather, rubber, cloth, or similar material. Felt bob’s friction causes the bobbin to rotate when the carriers, including the bobbin, rotate. When the bobbin is empty, the bobbin with the carrier stays light. When the friction of the bob is less, the speed of the bobbin is more. When the bobbin is full of yarn, the friction increases, and the speed of the bobbin decreases. Thus the speed of the bobbin is controlled as the diameter of the bobbin increases.

Purpose of the bobbin drug:

The purpose of the bobbin drug is as follows:

1. To control the uncontrolled speed of the bobbin.

2. Maintaining the tension of the yarn for winding.

3. Redemption rate of yarn.

4. As the diameter of the bobbin increases, so does the speed of the bobbin Make adjustments.

5. Helping to create a beautiful yarn package.

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