Blow room process objectives functions

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The word blow means flow and the word room means room. Blow room in the lexical sense refers to the flow chamber or airflow chamber.

Blow room process objectives functions. The process of separating, cleaning, and transferring cotton fibers from one place to another or from one machine to another through a certain airflow and removing some of the waste is called the blow room process. Therefore, a room is defined as a room in which the process of removing cotton fibers into small clusters with the help of a number of machines, cleaning the fibers, and transferring them from one machine to another through airflow in the form of laps is called a blow-room. Basically, after ginning, various types of wastes such as dust, broken seeds, tree branches, leaves, small fibers, etc remain in the fiber, and in this case, the cotton fiber is obstructed by the bell. The barrier bell is opened in the blow room and the lap is converted to a lap for the purpose of making it suitable for the next machine by removing the cotton fibers with various types of tightly wrapped wastes. And to do this, a series of machines are used in the blow room. These aligning machines are used for opening, cleaning, mixing, and finally making laps. And all of the above processes are called blow-room processes.

The purpose and functions of the blow-room

Blow room process objectives functions-Blow-room objectives:

1. Peel a stalk, grate it and squeeze the fiber.

2. To remove all kinds of impurities in the fibers of the cotton bell.

3. Mixing of different quality or different grades of fiber as well as possible for the purpose of making good quality yarn and reducing production cost.

4. Creating a balanced lap suitable for the next process.

Blow-room functions:

 1. Opening and feeding

2. Beating and cleaning

3. Blending and mixing

4. Transforming

5. Lap forming

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