Blow room accessories and their work

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Below is a list of various Blow room accessories and their work.

1. Delivery Cage

 2. Condenser

3. Distributor

 4. Filters

  5. Safety device

6. Micro dust Separator

7. Dust remover

8. Gravity traps

9. Magnet

10. Bypass system

11. Waste Disposal Unit

1. Blow room accessories and their work-Delivery Cage: To carry the cotton fibers through the flow of air from one point to another, the dust enters the holes of the cage and leaves with the air. As a result, besides collecting fiber, some cleaning is also done.

2. Condenser: Through the condenser and fan, cotton fibers are transferred from one machine to another through the flow of air. When the cotton fibers become light with proper opening and cleaning, they are collected in the condenser by the pull of air in the pneumatic pipe. This results in fiber feeding to the next machine.

3. Distributor: The production that is usually done in a scatter machine is about half of the previous opening and blending section. Therefore, two-way or three-way distributors are required for distribution in 2 or 3 ways to distribute the output evenly before the finisher scatter. This distribution is done through the fan, pneumatic pipe, and condenser.

4. Filters: A lot more dust is generated after opening and cleaning the cotton fibers. This dust needs to be removed but leaving the dust in the air can cause the following damage.

(a) May harm the health of the worker.

(b) Cotton can be made unclean by entering microdust on clean cotton.

Dust is filtered before they are released into the air.

5. Safety Device: Cotton fiber may contain some amount of magnetic or non-magnetic waste, which needs to be removed before the initial opening. Otherwise, it may cause major damage to the machine. In addition, the machine may catch fire for any reason. Then the fire should be extinguished immediately or there is a danger of spreading the fire and causing serious damage.

6. Micro dust Separator: Separators are provided to remove microdust in modern blow room lines. Otherwise, micro dust can cause health damage to workers inside the mill.

7. Dust Remover: It goes without saying that there is no dust in the entire cotton. When clean cotton is kept in different machines in the blow room, dust is spread in the air. Then there is a possibility that the clean cotton will accumulate dust and become dirty again. So the dust blower is used in modern blow room lines to prevent dust from flying in the air.

8. Gravity traps: Cotton or seed blow room lines need to be removed when wrapped with seeds. If the seed remains in the cotton fiber, there is a possibility of oil coming out from the seed under the pressure of the calendar roller in the scatter. It is necessary to remove the seeds from the cotton. Heavy seeds can be easily removed through gravity traps. In gravity traps, the chute pipe is left and the lower part is played. When the cotton is moving very fast due to the flow of air, due to the pipe being left, the heavy seeds come out through the playing part but the fibers go through the pipe to the next machine.

9. Magnet: A magnet is placed near the above bend point which easily grasps the metal part in the cotton and separates it from the cotton fiber. As a result, later machines are protected from major damage.

10. Bypass system: In order to process high-quality fibers, alternate lines have to be created by omitting some beating points in the blow room line. This alternative line is used to move the fibers from one place to another or, from one machine to another, by means of airflow through the pipeline immediately after each beating point. The door of this pipeline has a system of opening and closing, meaning that it can be transferred to the next machine in another way without using one or two beating points. Therefore, the method by which this transfer is arranged is the bypass method.

11. Waste Disposal Unit: Blowroom waste is taken to a waste chamber by a suction pipe with a blow room and different types of waste are separated in that chamber. This unit is called a waste disposal unit as it is used to dispose of all the waste in the spinning mill.

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