Bedford cord weave definition classification features uses

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Bedford cord weave definition classification features uses:

Definition of Bedford cord weave:

Bedford cord is a cord design that uses soft yarn or waded yarn to create a cord effect on the surface of the fabric and to create a cord effect along the fabric. A narrow line or sunken line is seen along the warp between every two Bedford cords.

Classification of Bedford cord:

Bedford cord weave is mainly of two types

1. Plain faced Bedford cord weave.

2. Twill faced Bedford cord weave.

Plain faced Bedford cord weave is again of two types

1. Plain faced on alternate picks.

 2. Plain faced on pair of picks.

Bedford cord weave

Bedford cord weave definition classification features uses. Twill-faced Bedford cord occurs only in alternate picks. Both types of Bedford cord can be waded. Different types of Bedford cord are available depending on the construction, which are mentioned below –

1. Plain faced Bedford cord.

2. Wadded Bedford cord.

3. Crepon Bedford cord.

4. Twill faced Bedford cord.

5. Bedford cord arranged with alternate picks.

Features of Bedford cord weave:

1. It is a type of cord cloth.

2. Bedford warp and weft are always even numbers.

3. Its surface is uneven and the cord effect is longitudinal.

4. The number of repeat readings is usually 4.

5. Smallest design of repeats (8 x 4).

6. In cord designs, the main weave is usually plain.

7. Sunken lines appear between every 2 chords.

8. Sometimes wadded or padded yarn is used to increase the cord effect.

9. Low quality yarns are used as Bedford cord yarns such as low cost, low puck and matte yarns.

Structure of Bedford cord weave:

1. First determine the repeat size of the design.

2. Then the repeat should be divided into four equal parts.

3. Now, along the warp, mark two straight threads at both ends of each section, making a total of four straight threads as a plain design. They are called cutting ends.

4. Now all the yarns in the opposite two corners should be drawn flat and plain designs should be placed in the remaining two parts. Care should be taken while placing the plain weave to maintain the clarity of the sunken line

5. Thus a Bedford chord design is created.

Uses of Bedford cord weave:

1. as a garment in women’s blouses, sportswear etc.

2. Used for decoration.

3. Fabrics made from worsted yarn are used as trousers.

4. Clothing suitable for use on hot days such as coats, waistcoats, military, and equestrian clothing.

5. Also used as bed cover, furnishing cloth.

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