Bale opening machine in spinning

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Machines that convert bundles of cotton fibers from bales into bits of beater or something else are called bale opening machines.

Bale opening machine in spinning. The opening usually means turning large bunches of fibers first into six bundles and then into smaller bunches. After opening, the size of the bunch of fibers is usually 0.1 m.m to 2.3 mm which is acceptable.

The level of opening of different machines depends on the following factors.

1. Raw materials

2. Beater type

3. The size of the bunch of fed raw material

4. Beater speed

5. Types of feeding

6. Others

1. Raw material: The degree of opening depends on the compactness and thickness of the raw material fed to the bale’s machine.

2. Feed raw material size of the bunch: The degree of opening depends on the density of raw material, fiber position, and size of the bunch before feeding. The smaller the size of the bunch, the better the opening.

3. Type of feeding: Depending on the type of feeding and the level of opening. Feeding in loose conditions reduces opening, but in the case of clamp feeding, the opening level is higher.

4. Type of beater: The opening level of cotton fiber varies depending on the type of beater being used. The opening capacity of the crusher-type beater is higher.

5. Beater speed: Beater speed is low/high and opening level is low/high. If the speed is low, the opening will be less and if the speed is high, the opening will be more.

6. Bale opening machine in spinning-Others:

Bale opening machine in spinning-The opening level of cotton fiber also depends on temperature, humidity, etc.

List of different opening machines

1. Bale breaker.

2. Mixing bale opener.

3. Bale Placker.

4. Steps cleaner.

5. Two blended bitters.

6. Krishner Beater

7. Mono Cylinder cleaner

8. Exhaust opener

9. Hopper Bale Breaker

10. Malti Bale Opener

11. Automatic bale opener

12. Porcupine opener

13. Three blended beaters.

 14. E. R. M. Cleaner

15. Buckley opener.

Purpose of various opening machines:

The purpose of the opening machines is given below.

1. Reduce the weight of the fiber to 0.1 mg.

 2. Increasing the degree of opening of cotton fibers.

3. Turn the fibers into small clusters by pressing them firmly and firmly in layers.

4. Slightly heavier dirt is removed from this opening machine.

5. Separate the waste or dirt in the cotton fibers.

 General functions of opening machines

Opening machines perform the following functions.

 1. Opening

2. Beating

3. Stripping

 4. Fiber transfer

1. Opening: Opening machines turn large bundles of fiber from bells into tiny bundles.

2. Beating: Different opening machines perform beating by spike and six beater, as a result of which the fibers are opened due to repeated blows and become six bundles.

3. Stripping: A beater or spike strips a bunch of fibers from another beater or spike, again it is ready for beating and opening.

4. Fiber transfer: Fibers are transferred from one opening machine to the next machine after completion of various tasks to be transferred to the next machine through a pipeline fan or any other system.

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