Backed cloth definition classification and uses

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Backed cloth definition classification and uses:

Definition of backed cloth:

The fabric that is made by using extra warp yarn or weft yarn in normal or simple structure fabric to increase the weight, strength, thickness, warmth, and water retention capacity of the fabric is called backed cloth. By these weaves, the upper surface and lower surface of the fabric are produced with the same or different weaves.

Classification of backed cloth:

Depending on the use of warp yarn and weft yarn, the backed cloth is divided into two parts.

(A) Warp-backed cloth.

(B) Weft-backed cloth.

(A) Warp-backed cloth:

Face warp and back warp two sets of warp yarns and 1 set of weft yarns are used to make the backed cloth, called warp-backed cloth. The weft yarn participates in bracing with both the face and back warps. Face warp and back warp are arranged in different proportions to form backed cloth. Here the weft yarns cross over the face warp and under the back warp. Also note that if the face yarn and back yarn are of different types during weaving, the produced yarn should be woven into separate beams and the warp yarn should be of better quality than the weft yarn. A divided draft may be required while weaving this fabric.

Backed Cloth

(B) Weft-backed cloth:

Backed cloth definition classification and uses. Face weft and back weft the backed cloth made by 2 sets of weft yarn and 1 set of warp yarn is called weft backed cloth. 1 set of warp yarns both face and back participate in bracing with weft yarns. The warp yarns pass over the face weft and under the back weft. Face weft and back weft can be arranged in different proportions. Only one warp beam is used here. But it should have weft changing mechanism. The weft yarn is not as good quality as the warp yarn. As a result, the price of the fabric falls and the fabric is relatively soft. Here flat weave is generally used as the main weave and a straight draft is generally used for drafting.

Uses of backed cloth:

1. In the manufacture of various types of furnishing cloths, such as sofa covers, bed covers, cushion covers, etc.

2. Used in making winter clothes and winter dresses.

3. Used in making military fly boats.

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