Auto doffing in textile jute spinning

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Auto doffing in textile jute spinning:


The machine has 2 sets of bobbins for auto doffing. One set of bobbin yarn is machine-produced yarn and the other set is arranged on a bobbin rail with an empty bobbin carrier. After the bobbin of the machine is full the machine stops and the bobbin rail is automatically changed so that the empty bobbin moves to the bobbin-filled place and the machine is restarted.

Auto doffing in textile jute spinning-Definition of auto doffing:

Auto doffing is the process of restarting a machine from a spinning frame by simply turning the yarn-filled bobbin on the machine without the help of the operator, leaving the empty bobbin automatically at the yarn production site of the machine.

Description of Auto Doffing:

In the sense that the word automatic or auto is used, the bobbin does not change automatically in the jute spinning frame. Here the yarn bobbin is changed by some manual and some machine and the empty bobbin spindle is placed in place. Once the yarn is produced in the jute spinning frame, the bobbin in the frame becomes full, then the spinning bobbin is replaced by an empty robin.

Auto Doffing Machine

This method is usually done manually. The time that is wasted to pick up a full bobbin from the machine, to install an empty bobbin is called doffing time. During doffing, the production of the machine is stopped, that is, the machine is turned on again after doffing. But the method of restarting the machine by turning off the machine and automatically changing the bobbin rail of the yarn bobbin and empty bobbin through the doffing switch is called auto doffing.

Auto doffing in textile jute spinning:

Auto Doffing requires 2 sets of bobbin rails per machine. One set of machines is running with a bobbin and the other set is fitted with a bobbin carrier and an empty bobbin on the bobbin rail. When the time for bobbin filling is approaching, the empty bobbin is attached to this bobbin rail. When the bobbin is full, the Auto Doffing switch is turned off and the threaded bobbin rail is automatically removed, and the machine is restarted by replacing the empty bobbin rail.

The auto doffing process is controlled by two wheels. One is driven by the foot and the other is rotated by the hand. The outer rail is sent in by foot. And with the help of the handwheel, the bobbin rails go up and down. When the bobbin is filled with yarn, the machine is first shut down and the yarn-filled bobbin rail is lowered by handwheel. The inner bobbin rail is then pulled out by the legs along with the threaded bobbin rail. The empty bobbin rail comes in the middle position of the flyer. The bobbin rail is then lifted by hand wheel to bring the machine back on, and the outer threaded bobbins are lifted in a trolley for winding and carried to the winding section.

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