Advantages of yarn conditioning

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Advantages of yarn conditioning:


After the production of yarn, the yarn is converted into different packages. In addition to the formation of counts during the production of yarn, a twist is provided on the yarn. A normal religion of twist is the opening of the twist after the fibers have been prepared by the twist.

Therefore, if there is a tendency to open the twist in the package, then there is difficulty in processing the yarn in the next process. So this twist and conditioning is the process by which the yarn is processed through heat and moisture to retain the required amount of moisture in the yarn.

Advantages of yarn conditioning-Objects of conditioning:

1. The yarn retains the required amount of moisture.

2. Arrange for the yarn to not open twist.

3. Due to the required amount of moisture in the yarn, the package size of the yarn is correct.

Yarn Conditioning Machine

Advantages of yarn conditioning-Importance of conditioning:

The importance of conditioning is given below:

1. The yarn needs to be conditioned to retain the required amount of twist.

2. Conditioning is required to retain the prescribed amount of moisture in the yarn produced.

3. The importance of conditioning is immense in keeping the size of the yarn package correct.

4. Conditioning is required to keep the weight of the yarn package in line with the count and length.

5. Above all, to sell the yarn, it is possible to provide the right moisture, the right twist, and the right weight due to the conditioning.

Different conditioning systems:

After receiving the ring bobbin from the ring, the conditioning is usually done before winding. Ring yarn conditioning is usually done in two ways.

1. Manual process

2. Mechanical process

1. Manual process:

This is usually done without any mechanical procedure. This method is called the manual method as it is usually done by human hands.

2. Mechanical process:

This method is called the mechanical method as ring bobbin conditioning is usually done by the mechanical system. The machine that is used mechanically is called the Yarn conditioning machine.

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